Columbus Crowdfunding Roundup – October 2015

It’s a varied lot for this month’s crowdfunding dollars. Two food-based businesses with well-established followings are raising money to make some changes. And there’s always new gadgets. This month it’s gadgets to help you control the lights in your home or take your temperature with your smart phone. Add in one card game and some one-of-a-kind guitars and you’ve got October’s crowdfunding roundup.

EVI- The smart retrofit lighting solution

This little device allows homeowners to have control over the lighting levels in any room of their abode. The retrofitted solution doesn’t require extensive renovations or specialized fixtures, and once installed users control levels through the EVI Infinity remote. The team currently has a functioning prototype and are ready for full-scale production, but need help to turn prototype into product.


Karma, life purposes and goals make their way into this card game. “Reincardnated is a two to four player card game where players take turn incarnating beings, gaining karma, and work toward fulfilling their ‘Life Purpose’ while trying to incarnate the human form,” the campaign says. Custom, intricate illustrations represent plants, insects, marine life, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals on the gameplay cards. The game is largely set up with a few details yet to finalize, and the maker is in talks with a manufacturing company as well.

Please Help Move Cravings Cafe

Italian Village eatery Cravings Carryout Cafe was shocked to say the least when they received a notice that their lease would not be renewed and they needed vacate their restaurant space in a mere 48 days. Once the shock subsided, owners Lindsey and Matt Tewanger were determined to find a new home. While the location for Cravings part two hasn’t been finalized, moving still costs money. The cafe is raising funds for not only the move, but for what will be the next big step for the restaurant – expanding into a larger, sit-down eatery.

Tympani: The Fast & Accurate Smart Thermometer

Smart phones can do pretty much anything these days, and that now includes take your temperature thanks to smart thermometer, Tympani. The infra-red in-ear thermometer takes a reading in just two seconds, which makes it great for kids. A smartphone connected app also helps users track health data. Tympani is working through FDA clearance and is using the campaign to pre-sell units.

Flux Guitars – Magnetic Double Neck

Musicc lovers and guitar players will enjoy this one. Flux guitars is producing hand-built magnetic double neck guitars. There’s a plethora of options here. A regular six- or 12-string guitar gets a magnetically-connected mate in the form of a mini six or 12-string guitar. Play one or play both. Flux is raising funds for patents and trademarks, materials and a move into a dedicated production space of their own.

Bluescreek Farm Fresh Eatery & Butchery

Popular North Market stall Bluescreek Farm Meats has been providing Columbus with locally raised meats and artisan butchery for over two decades. Now the farm is ready to expand from its small stall to a Plain City food hub. The centralized location between their farm and the established customer base will include a farm-to-table restaurant concept and butcher shop. Bluescreek has acquired the space, but funds raised will go towards purchasing restaurant and butchery equipment.

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