Columbus Startup Jifiti Receives Substantial Investment

jifiti-columbusRapid expansion is on the horizon for mobile gifting app Jifiti. The startup recently secured $2.5 million in investments from Simon Property Group, Schottenstein Stores Corp. and the Jesselson Group. Simon Property Group is the largest owner of malls in U.S.

The app is designed to make the gift-giving process worry-free for both parties. A gift-giver can view a wish-list of items from the receiver and purchase the item in-store. The giftee, as Jifiti has coined them, then receives a notification in the form of a personalized digital gift card on their phone. They can then go pick up their item, ensuring they get the right size and color, or use the money as a gift card towards another purchase.

Big-name retailers like Nike, Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta, Sephora, Gamestop, Brookstone and Hot Topic are already taking advantage of the technology.

“Any store that can process gift card codes can use the Jifiti system,” CEO and Co-Founder Yaacov Martin says. The app is thoughtfully designed so that stores do not have to alter any operational procedures.

Information on Jifiti will be popping in over 100 Simon malls by the holiday season.

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