Top 10 Startups of 2018

Photo by Walker Evans

Transportation startup EmpowerBus earned readers’ attention as the Top Startup of the year.

Launched in 2017, EmpowerBus is focused on upward mobility, providing reliable and on-time transportation to and from employment, education, and healthcare opportunities. EmpowerBus served hundreds of workers throughout 2018, and also offered transportation solutions for communities, including a partnership with Kroger to provide a shuttle from its closed Northern Lights location. 

EmpowerBus was also honored as the Emerging Social Enterprise of the Year and The Metropreneur’s Aspire event for its work to close the transportation gap for workforce-ready citizens, especially those from minority and immigrant communities. 

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  1. EmpowerBus
  2. RapChat
  3. Bold Penguin
  4. Warrior Wear
  5. Versa Coworking
  6. Simple Times Mixers
  7. SHARE
  8. PatronArt
  9. Prologue Book Store
  10. Juggle App

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