Connected pairs brands with compatible creative partners

Tom Mullin is a matchmaker of sorts.

Via Connected, a Columbus-based company he launched in May, he pairs marketers with the optimal creative resources to satisfy their needs.

“Through a robust interview process where customer service, pricing, and in-house skill set were tested and clarified, we formed alliances based on mutual respect, and transparency with some of the finest creative resources in their respective industries,” says Mullin. “This due diligence allows us to take the guess work and time spent mulling over options out of the equation when marketers are searching for a creative partner.”

Simply put, Connected knows who does what, and who does what well.

To learn who is always in the forefront of Mullin’s mind when he’s working, and why he donates a portion of Connected’s profits to charity, keep reading.

The Metropreneur: What inspired you to start Connected?

Tom Mullin: A desire to create healthy, productive relationships between marketers and the creative resources they use. Also, to provide clarity in the deal making process, and a less stressful environment  for marketers  and  creative vendors alike.

[M]: Clients pay you and then you donate a portion of your net profit to the marketer’s charity of choice. Why make philanthropy part of your business model?

TM: Once Connected is paid in full, we donate a percentage of our profits to the marketer’s charity or organization of choice. Really, it just made sense to me. I grew up in a very giving environment, as my dad has always been a big part of Charity Newsies, and Mom helps people whenever and however she can.

[M]: Before starting Connected you worked on the agency side for close to a decade. How have you seen the industry evolve, and how have those changes impacted the way you do business?

TM: The advertising industry has changed dramatically since I came on board. One thing that sticks out are that the ways in which consumers form the opinions that dictate whether or not they choose to include a product or service in their lives have become more instantaneous. The socialization of media has made a person’s opinion extremely visible.

Also, I have seen marketers, both large and small, switch their brand building approach from one of employing one large agency to handle everything to that of building high-performance teams wherein each component of a campaign or project is handled by a specialist.

No matter what changes the industry yields, I have always tried to remain someone who employs a strong customer centric attitude.

[M]: What are your goals for Connected?

TM: Definitely expand my service area. I have several cities on my radar.

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