Coworking & Creative Meeting Space Brick House Blue Opening at Bridge Park

Rendering provided by WSA Studio.

From the Downtown core to the surrounding suburbs, over 45,000 square feet of coworking space is in the works across the Columbus region. Come November, Brick House Blue will add another 9,000 square feet to that total with a coworking meets creative meeting space at Dublin’s Bridge Park.

Co-founders Cid Rhomberg and Dave Mirgon created Brick House Blue with three verticals in mind: the coworking space, creative meeting space and consulting services afforded by their career backgrounds.

Working in the corporate world, Mirgon spent time in talent acquisition and recruiting for institutions like Cardinal Health and CenturyLink. Rhomberg built her career in marketing, leading teams at Stanley Tools to Cardinal Health.


The pair met through the AAU basketball program that Mirgon runs and realized they had similar career goals outside of the corporate world. Mirgon had a passion for development – whether it was youth or careers – and Rhomberg was interested in pursuing executive coaching, team building and leadership training as a career. Instead of taking the leap solo, they asked why not do it together?

“For the last two years we have been consulting and coaching together with various clients throughout Central Ohio and beyond,” Mirgon says.

Over time, Mirgon and Rhomberg found there was one thing they still missed from their corporate careers: building and developing teams. The pair opened Brick House Blue not to have 30 plus employees themselves, but create a space where they could influences dozens of individuals. Mirgon and Rhomberg will offer services like leadership training and executive coaching to their coworkers.

The coworking space itself will have different areas to suit the working styles of its members. Brick House Blue will offer 10 offices of varying size suitable for one to two people. Two executive suites create large, individual offices, or space suitable for a team of three to four. Around 40 coworking desks offer permanent to part-time options.

Outside of desk space, Brick House Blue will offer a handful of spots to spread out – a island and high top tables in the kitchen, couch seating and more. Huddle rooms, phone booths and an outdoor balcony round out the space.

BrickHouse3For meetings, four “think tank” rooms are available. Two 700 square foot rooms can be transformed into a larger, 1,400 square foot space, and the smaller pair go from 450 square feet to 900.

Mirgon says that while some creative meeting spaces exist, it’s normally go to your designated room, shut the door and get on with it. But, when teams come to Brick House Blue, they will feel the energy supplied by the collaborative coworking space.

Brick House Blue aims to offer more than just space, though.

“When a company calls and says, ‘Hey, I would like to use your space for the day,’ we are right then and there identifying well, what are your needs for the space?” Mirgon says.

That could mean tapping into the Brick House Blue community of entrepreneurs, almost leveraging their coworkers as a consulting arm, or planning every detail needed, down to hotels and food options, creating a one-stop-shop experience.

When it opens in November, Brick House Blue will bring coworking to an area of town where not much exists. The facility, which will have 24/7 access for members, will be located at 6605 Longshore St.

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All renderings provided by WSA Studio.