Crafter Megan Green Adds Consulting to Help Other Handmade Businesses Grow

Being in the handmade goods biz is often a solo adventure. There’s no one there to bounce ideas off of or hold you accountable to goals.

“It’s really hard to keep yourself in check and focused,” says Megan Green.

She knows because she’s been there. Green is the creative force behind Stinkybomb Soap, turning out doll head and grenade-shaped soaps (among others) since 2008. She’s also a ringleader for bringing local crafters together, starting alternative craft fair Craftin Outlaws in 2005, and in 2016, Midwest Craft Con, a creative business conference designed to help crafters learn the business tools they need to grow.

She’s adding one more thing to that list with the launch of her craft coaching services.

Across a decade of experience, Green recalls the many mentors she’s turned to.

“We always need assistance to get us to where we need to be next,” she says.

Green will leverage her experience to be that mentor for a growing crop of handmade-preneurs. While the service itself is new, Green has been mulling over the idea for some time. In a crafting and entrepreneurial career that’s often focused on helping others grow, “My whole trajectory has been this evolution and it’s just the next step in that evolution,” she says.

A quick initial conversation ensures it’s a match for Green and her mentee. In an effort to not waste anyone’s time or money, Green is looking to find out a business’ goals and focus to make sure she can help, and if not, refer the crafter to another outlet that might be able to.

If it’s a go, Green has developed a four-step, $350 program to help a handmade business owner master one aspect of their operation.

“The first initial convo is really about focusing in and diving in on what we can do to make sure that you get to your goal,” Green says.

The next three 60-minute sessions are geared towards helping the business owner get there.

Green can lend expertise in areas like beefing up a newsletter, diving into how to find new followers and make sure the information is dynamic. Maybe a business owner is ready to find new markets and explore consignment or wholesale, or build a better booth display. Green will help an entrepreneur nail down one thing, then they can loop back around to other areas where the business is prime for growth.

Green has the how-to to help anyone who is ready to start their handmade business, turning hobby into money maker and needing help with the basics like where to sell their products. On the other end of the spectrum, Green is also ready to assist the established crafter who has been up and running for a few years but hit a lull.

Click here for more information on Green’s craft coaching services.