CredHive Doubles in Size, Earns Spot as TechColumbus Portfolio Company

After launching earlier this year, anonymous job search platform, CredHive, is finding rapid success.

By helping candidates emphasize their experience in a more personal way than a resume, “We’ve doubled across the board in the last month,” says CredHive Founder and CEO Tracey Parsons. The site boasts about 20 employers and over 400 job seekers. Parsons anticipates that the company will double again within the next few months.

CredHive has received various market validations indicating the concept is poised for even bigger success. The company was recently named one of TechColumbus’s Portfolio Companies. Parsons is excited for the partnership and the connections TechColumbus can provide.

“When you’re starting something that’s new and disruptive your life is all about introducing yourself to people,” Parsons says. And TechColumbus can help with those introductions. “[TechColumbus] is facilitating a lot of conversations, which is really what we need.”

TechColumbus is helping CredHive in other ways as well. The team has received valuable feedback throughout the process of becoming a Portfolio Company.

Parsons is eager to take advantage of the educational resources the partnership provides. TechColumbus fills in some gaps they have on their core team by providing financial advice among other things, allowing them to focus on their main goal of making an amazing talent tool.


“You don’t know what you don’t know,” Parsons says. The TechColumbus team of experienced mentors is able to guide CredHive through the questions and issues that pop up when you’re a new and growing business.

In addition to the credibility of being associated with TechColumbus, CredHive is receiving other validations. They were recently named a Emerging 100 company, and a video the team created is featured in Adobe’s new voice software. And, one of the biggest validations of all, CredHive has confirmed their first hire through the platform.

CredHive continues to make updates to the tool, adding functionality so users can share a hyperlink with creds across different platforms, including social media, or even directly with their employer to highlight their work.

Many different industries and types of professionals are finding value in the platform and its ability to create an emotional connection to a user’s work. Parsons says they see marketers, managers, business and IT professionals, social media experts, project managers and business owners using the tool.

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