Crimson Cup gives community a jolt through philanthropy

Most coffee lovers agree that the day really doesn’t start until they’ve had their first cup o’ joe. Now imagine how much better their day would start if they knew each cup of coffee they enjoyed was giving back to the community.

Well at Columbus-based coffee roaster Crimson Cup, that’s just the case.

Since 1991, Crimson Cup has given back to the community through community fundraisers, local school projects, and partnerships with the Growers First program and See Kids Dream.

“The charities must share our same core company values and philosophy,” says Melissa Rogner, marketing director at Crimson Cup, which works with more than 250 coffeehouses, specialty grocers, colleges, universities, and food service establishments across the country.

crimson-cup-02“Our philosophy is to leave you feeling energized −L.Y.F.E− and leave others very energized− L.O.V.E. Our core values are to follow your passion, build relationships, give back, and have fun,” she adds.

One of the company’s more successful philanthropic endeavors is Grounds for Hope, which supports the Cancer Support Community of Central Ohio. Under the program, sales of certified organic blends help fund resources and support for those living with, through, and beyond cancer. Grounds for Hope blends can be found exclusively at Central Ohio Giant Eagle locations. Three dollars from the sale of each bag goes toward the education and outreach efforts of the Cancer Support Community.

The messaging for the Grounds of Hope program has continued to evolve to ensure consumers understand the mission of the Cancer Support Community, as well as the needs addressed through the program.

Crimson Cup continues to see success growing its alliances with the Cancer Support Community and See Kids Dream, Rogner says, adding that the company feels lucky to have partners who are truly making a difference in people’s lives.

When asked for advice for business looking to incorporate philanthropy into their operations, Rogner recommended the focus be on the connection between the business and the nonprofit.

“The causes and/or organizations should match the company’s philosophy and core values, so that it doesn’t become an obligation, but rather, a mutually beneficial relationship based on like-minded people,” she says.

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