Crowdfunding Roundup – August 2017

roundup of crowdfunding campaigns and kickstarters in columbus

After a few slow months in the crowdfunding world, August sees a surge of new campaigns. From mead to fidget spinners, let’s dive in:

The Hive: coworking with onsite childcare

Designed for freelancers and working parents, The Hive puts a new spin on coworking. Soon to open from St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, 1150 W. Fifth Ave., The Hive provides the ideal space for kiddos and adults, with separation when it’s needed and areas to be together when it’s wanted. As The Hive nears its opening date, Founder Val Geisler has turned to crowdfunding to round out the dollars needed for furnishing the space and initial operating expenses.

Zen Bee Meadery

Cheers! A father-son team are bringing Columbus its latest meadery. One of the oldest known fermented beverages, Zen Bee is ready to turn out the honey wine that is mead in a variety of flavors. To tap into the growing mead market, Zen Bee has already secured its space, relying largely on savings and credit cards. The business is now turning to the masses for funds that will help the meadery step up their batch sizes and sales growth.

The Kong, the World’s First Koozie Beer Bong

Combine a koozie and a beer bong and what do you get? The Kong. The two-in-one is being touted as a tailgate or party essential, bringing a portable and personal spin to the rapid-fire way to drink a beer. The Kong has a prototype and finalized design, but needs funding for molding and tooling costs to bring the product to the masses (and its backers).

QLYX – the ultimate smart mount that tunes your life

“The ultimate smart mount,” QLYX does more than just keep your phone secure in the car. Developed overseas but to be assembled in Columbus, the QLYX provides a small magnetic mount for your smart phone (iPhone or Android) that automatically launches apps you might use in your car like Waze, Spotify, Apple Maps and Google Maps. Bonus! QLYX drops a pin wherever you park your vehicle. (No more setting off the car alarm when you don’t remember where you parked!) After the already funded campaign, it’s on to assembly and fulfillment for QLYX.


This is not the fidget spinner available at seemingly every retail outlet right now. Build-A-Spinz brings an element of creativity to the device with a modular design that kids (and adults) can DIY. Prototyped and tested by its engineer creator, Build-A-Spinz has a supply chain ready to go for an initial run of units, but needs crowdfunding dollars to make it happen.

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