Delicious Real Estate wants to be an anti-big box brokerage

Peter Lohmann and Adam Rich had been looking to offer property management services at their real estate development company, RL Partners LLC, for quite some time. They’d even interviewed several existing brokerages, but couldn’t find anyone who seemed to “get” their business concept: bringing a lean startup mentality to the real estate industry.

After a few months of dead end prospects, Joe Peffer proposed that the three of them go into business together. Lohmann and Rich talked it over and decided the idea made perfect sense. After all, they had been working with Peffer, a Realtor at RE/MAX Town Center, for years and had forged a strong working relationship.

delicious-re-logoA partnership seemed like the logical next step.

“Knowing Adam and Peter as clients, I knew them to be smart, deliberate, purposeful and motivated− exactly the kind of characteristics I’d look for in a business partner,” says Peffer. “The passion they have for bringing clarity and professional representation to the property management world mirrored my desire to forge a new kind of open, transparent real estate brokerage where the client is king and agents exercise and invent industry-wide best practices.”

With their company, Delicious Real Estate, he hopes to get his wish.

Located in a loft space at 889 E. Long St., Delicious Real Estate is just a stone’s throw from the historic Lincoln Theatre.

Peffer will handle real estate transactions −helping buyers and sellers− and grow the brokerage side of the business, eventually recruiting client-centric, tech savvy agents. Meanwhile, Lohmann and Rich will keep doing what they do best: property management.

“A lot of people in real estate give lip service to the idea of customer service, while at the same time ‘serving’ their clients in a dual-agency capacity, representing both buyer and seller,” Lohmann says. “We think that type of relationship is broken on a fundamental level.

“In fact, we think a lot of the existing business models in real estate are plagued by perverse incentives, giving rise to questionable behavior and ethics all over the place. So Delicious will be offering some next-generation real estate products and relationship types, such as fee-for-service, tenant representation, and homeowner property management.”

The company, which caters specifically to first-time and move-up buyers, also plans to be a paperless brokerage and earn Columbus Green Spot status.

Peffer −who has worked in, and blogged about, Columbus real estate for a decade− says Delicious Real Estate is meant to be “an anti-big box brokerage.”

“Delicious agents will have the flexibility they need to run their business the way they feel it needs to be run so that their clients benefit,” he adds. “The profession, in many ways, is inefficient and stodgy. Delicious Real Estate hopes Columbus will recognize the knowledge, technology, and professionalism we bring to the table.”

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