Dimensional Entertainment, Dating Directions merging

Two local small businesses are joining forces to form a new, larger lifestyle community.

After their merger is complete next month, Dimensional Entertainment, founded by Corey Montie, and Dating Directions, founded by Susie Hardesty and Elizabeth Cobey-Piper, will be one entity called Best Life Columbus.

“We’ve partnered on a few events over the years and had a decent understanding of each other’s operations,” says Montie. “Dating Directions offered coaching and matchmaking services for 30 to 40-year-olds and Dimensional Entertainment offered social outings and activities for 30 to 40-year-olds. Just due to the nature of Dimensional’s events, our demographics were 80 percent-plus singles. With such similar demographics and complimenting services, we decided to bring the two communities together and form a new, larger lifestyle community.”

Through casual conversation, the parties learned they were both looking to up their game, but weren’t sure how to do that with their stand-alone business models.

“In discussions to put on more events together, the idea came up to fully merge the two communities,” Montie says, adding that they saw a unique opportunity to offer a well-rounded menu of services, as well as additional services that would cater to just about anyone looking to improve their everyday lives here in Columbus.

Best Life Columbus will have about 5,500 members, he says.

“Both companies are staffed and currently able to maintain the individual communities, so we feel that by combining the staff along with the communities there should be no issues with customer service,” he says. “We are planning to hire a few additional part-time employees to assist with events.”

Best Life Columbus’s website, BestLifeColumbus.com, is live now, with a basic landing page featuring a press release about the merger. More information, including the company’s mission and details about its members, products and services, will be added to the site next month.

“As people decide what they are looking for, they will be able to follow links that will take them to our existing websites and services,” he says.

Dimensional Entertainment will remain the social, events, networking arm; Dating Directions will become the life, career and health coaching services arm; and Affinity Matchmaking (also owned by Hardesty and Cobey-Piper) will handle all dating and singles services.

Dimensional Entertainment will move into Dating Directions’ Dublin office. Additionally, the company will celebrate its two year anniversary −and the merger with Dating Directions− with a party at the end of next month. Details will be announced in the weeks ahead.