Ditch the Bulky Wallet for Sleek zerOz

There is a drawer at the zerOz store at 17 E. Gay St. filled with empty, abandoned wallets. They were all left behind when their owners met something prettier, slimmer and cooler.

Meet zerOz, a super thin, credit-card size wallet open on both ends that can forever lighten the load in your back pocket or purse.

zerOz is the brainchild of Paul Westrick. An avid cyclist, Westrick discovered that a rubber band was far preferable to a wallet for long trips. Soon he deserted the wallet altogether, but wanted something more substantial and stylish than a rubber band and developed the zerOz.

Handcrafted of fine Italian leather right in the shop, zerOz wallets are available in four sizes that hold three to 10 cards and come in a multitude of textures and colors, from basic black to pearlescent purple. A rubber strap on the outside can be used to secure cash, photos or other cards.

Westrick is passionate about his super-slim wallets. His motto is Less Wallet. More Cool.

“Most people find they have accumulated too much stuff. But if you look at what you really use, it’s just a few cards. Guys come in with these huge, George Costanza wallets and leave lighter. Girls like them when they go out and only need a couple of cards and an ID.”

Westrick is also passionate about Columbus. He loves to engage visitors who come into the store and is an enthusiastic ambassador for the city. He and his employees pass out maps and share information about restaurants, events and attractions.

He became a member of Experience Columbus to support its efforts to attract visitors to the city and to connect with the community he cares about. Experience Columbus is a valuable resource for the information he shares with people who come into the store and provides great exposure for his store through its website and Visitors Guide.

“It’s the only professional organization I belong to,” he said. “It just fits what we do.”

For more information about membership in Experience Columbus, call Melissa DeGraw Metz at 614-222-6126 or [email protected].

In addition to the Gay Street location, zerOz wallets are available online at zeroz.com.

Interior photos by Adam Slane. Exterior photo by Logan Miller Photography.