DIY Business Planning Made Easier with

Ah, the business plan. A looming assignment that often feels like a term paper and thereby is not completed by many a startup. In between the archaic piece of paper and no plan at all lies the newest product from –

We want people to think about BizPlan not so much as an answer to ‘Do I need to write a business plan?’ and more about ‘What questions am I not asking and what’s the value of digging into my idea or startup a bit more?'” says Wil Schroter, founder & CEO. rounds out a portfolio of connected platforms designed to take entrepreneurs from idea to launch – with building a product to plan a business a natural piece of the puzzle.  

The online tool is segmented into two parts: Guided Builder and Financials.

The Guided Builder breaks a business plan down step-by-step, asking fundamental questions about the problem, solution, advantages, market size, team and more. Entrepreneurs can complete the sections in any order, and even ask team members to collaborate and weigh in. Drag and drop templates and the ability to incorporate visuals make the plan more engaging. As Schroter says, “Drop in an element, answer a few questions, and we’ll make it look pretty.”

The Financials section closes the gap of financial savviness. The entrepreneur sets the goals, the platform figures out the rest.

We’ve worked toward building a basic model that you can start with and get real answers – like figuring out a break even point – and then scale over time,” Schroter says. 

Businesses from a restaurant to a tech startup can find value in the BizPlan platform.

There are surprisingly few differences in the questions you ask between those types of industries, although obviously the operations are very different,” Schroter says. “You’re still talking about how the problem you’re solving relates to a beautiful product. You’re talking about how to get cash-flow positive. You’re talking about how staffing the right people will work. We were thinking about every industry in our planning for this.” 

BizPlan operates on a monthly subscription fee. It’s $19/month for solopreneurs with one member and one company, $29/month for team collaboration with access for four members and two companies, and $49/month for a premium package with unlimited members and five companies.

Schroter envisions that some startups will use it for one month, export their plan and be on their building way.

“Others will use the hosted option to constantly refine in a single place, the way people use tools like Basecamp to manage projects long term,” he says. “Our goal isn’t to have people on the product any longer than it’s useful to them.” 

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