Downtown Studio Provides Quick and Easy Headshots

The business-savvy downtown crowd has a quick and easy new option for their professional headshots. Photographer Barb Schwartz recently opened HeadShots Columbus, a studio specializing exclusively in the formal business photos.

Schwartz is able to keep costs minimal by having a centrally located studio at 35 E. Gay St. A $79 fee covers the session and provides customers with a high-resolution JPEG image. Schwartzs wants to make sure customers get exactly what they want – and quickly.

“We just want to make it easy,” she says.

Customers receive the proofs from their session the next day. They then choose their preferred photo, send it back in and receive a retouched, high-res image the next business day. Additional images are only $25 a piece. For simple, outside photos in front of businesses or other landmark locations in downtown, fees run $129.

Clients are welcome to bring a change of clothes or additional accessories to produce a variety of photos. Schwartz also offers a limited number of  different backgrounds to fit client’s preferences.

Schwartz had a seasoned career in photography before opening her own studio. She helped to build the photo department at another local publication before joining Riverside Hospital. She had also freelanced, lending her lens to events like weddings and senior portraits.  However, through her various positions, Schwartz realized she preferred working with corporate entities.

This was just one piece of the puzzle that became the idea for HeadShots Columbus. Schwartz was receiving several requests for professional portraits, but packing and transporting all of her equipment was timely and costly. She also wanted her own space. But where was the best location?

During her frequent trips to downtown, she noticed the city was changing. Business was building meaning numerous corporations and organizations would be at her fingertips for photos. She came up with a solution that allowed her to do what she loved while providing an ample client base – a centrally located, downtown studio. Signs show she’s hit the right market. Once she committed to the space, doors opened early due to demand.

Schwartz is coming out from behind the lens to learn the ins and outs it takes to run a business. Although she had set up a business to freelance, having a location brought a new set of challenges and a learning curve. However a challenge that’s been worth the effort, eventually she would like to move HeadShots Columbus to a larger space.

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