Duet Health debuts new app for doctors

A new mobile application from Duet Health gives doctors another tool for educating and communicating with their patients.

Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android, The Duet for Individual Physicians app features medical and pharmaceutical information, personalized messaging, appointment, drug, and course of care reminders, as well as contact information and maps.

“Our health education software was originally designed for large hospitals and health systems to use,” says Jeff Harper, CEO of Columbus-based Duet Health.

The new stand-alone app is the direct result of weekly meetings with doctors in the Ohio Health system over a year-and-a-half, and two years of development, testing, user feedback, and product enhancements.

“Our team has taken all lessons learned through time spent with physicians, patients, other health care software firms, medical devices and other health-related products, and channeled this experience into this product,” he says.

Physicians can use the app for less than $500 a year, meaning the average doctor spends just 50 cents per patient, he says, as they typically have 1,200 patients.

The app’s creation was inspired by a study from The Royal Society of Medicine that found patients forget nearly 80 percent of what their doctors tells them before they even leave the office.

“Our app shares all the information at the touch of a button and goes where the patient goes with customized information from the doctor to the patient, or back and forth,” Harper says.

For instance, a pregnant patient can enter their baby’s due date, and the app gives them weekly reminders and tips designed to ensure the best care for mother and baby.

Duet Health is excited to have a growing client list and strategic partner relationships sprouting up all over the country, and will be making “a number of big announcements” this summer and fall, he says.

“We are quite privileged to work with physicians at Harvard, in Boston, and the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, and these opportunities are providing our products visibility to a larger audience around the world,” he adds.