E.V. Bishoff Launches Fully-Furnished Office Suite Concept

Commercial real estate company E.V. Bishoff has a new offering in their portfolio: fully-furnished office suites at two Downtown addresses. Presto! Office Suites will occupy 1,000 – 15,000 square foot spaces at the Commerce Building, 35 E. Gay St., and the Wesbanco Building, 33 N. Third St.

Accommodating from 10 to 100 employees, E.V. Bishoff sees two key markets for Presto! that span ends of the business spectrum – startups and corporations.

“The purchasing, relocating and assembling of office furniture, along with installing and setting up an office network, is a very expensive process,” says E.V. Bishoff President David Bishoff.

photo provided by E.V. Bishoff
photo provided by E.V. Bishoff

A corporate user finds a ready-to-occupy option that addresses the need for quick space for projects or expansions. It also allows businesses from out of town expanding into the Columbus market to get set up quickly.

The upfront expense of setting up an office is often challenging for new and emerging businesses.

“You also have the engineering, architectural, media and advertising industries that have been struggling with the aged-old problem of taking on large, fixed expenses in both office space and furniture when they are fortunate enough to land a new client, only to see that pendulum swing the other way when the assignment ends or they lose the client,” Bishoff says. “Presto! eliminates this risk altogether and allows them to match revenue and expenses like never before.”

Presto! can also bridge the gap for companies moving out of coworking scenarios and into something more established.

“Coworking is great if you are a freelancer,” Bishoff says. “However, the advantages drop off as you hire more people. Privacy is an issue in all coworking operations as is the ability to create and maintain your own corporate culture.”

photo provided by E.V. Bishoff
photo provided by E.V. Bishoff

Security, privacy and the ability to expand are built into the Presto! concept. Each suite can include all furniture, internet, telephones, 24-hour security, conference rooms, whiteboards and WiFi routers.

Pricing is based on the size of the space and the headcount that it accommodates, but Bishoff estimates that the cost for Presto! falls in the $200-$300 per person range for a fully-furnished office. Savings come in the form of avoiding the headache of moving and setting up an office.

Presto! Office Suites are ready to lease with pricing that accommodates short- and long-term needs. Businesses interested in leasing space should contact Jeff Heckman at 614-221-4736.

For more information, visit evbco.com.