Basha Osman: Achieving The Financial Dream

Realizing he’d never achieve financial freedom in his country of Somalia, Basha Osman left his homeland at the youthful age of seventeen. With nothing more then the passion to lift him and his family out of poverty, Osman fled to Canada, where he attended the Ottawa Technical Secondary School, learning English and other skills that would help ease his transition into the American business culture.

“As soon as I made it to The United States, I began looking for a job and was soon able to find work selling cars,” Osman said. “It was a good job and it paid the bills but it wasn’t fulfilling. I knew I wanted to do something else.”

Osman’s life changed when he met Cindy, a handicapped woman who was looking for an automobile that could meet her needs, both physically and financially. Being ignored by the other car salesman, Cindy caught Osman’s eye and the two started talking.

“She was so pleased when I found her the right car that would help make her life easier,” Osman said. “It was such an amazing feeling…seeing how happy something as simple as a car made her struck something in my heart. I realized at that moment that what I really wanted to do was to help others in need.”

With the few resources he had, Osman pulled together enough money to start his own medical transportation company, Direct Medical Transportation, Inc.

Osman quickly realized the potential of the business but needed more funding to get it to that next level.

“‘That is what brought me to ECDI,” Osman said. “I needed more capital so I could purchase more trucks and hire more drivers. After enrolling in the ECDI training and passing all the required classes, I received $20,000 to put towards my company, which helped my business take off.”

Now, with three trucks and a growing client base, Osman has defied the odds.

“Without the help I received at ECDI, whether it be learning how to budget properly or working with them to establish the right markets to reach more clients, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have,” Osman said. “Now, I can provide for my family while helping those in need. It’s truly a blessing.”

However, Osman’s aspirations don’t stop there. With his newly found success, he has bigger plans for the future of his business. He hopes to one day be able to build fully functioning handicapped-accessible homes.

“Passion is key,” Osman said. “Anyone can have an idea but you must work to gain the knowledge to turn that idea into a reality. You must tell yourself that anything is possible and with the help of ECDI, I was able to achieve all that I had dreamed of and more.”

Direct Medical Transportation, Inc. is located at 6358 Edgecreek Ln, Columbus, Ohio, 43231. You can reach them at 614-948-5685.

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