Edgework Creative Launches In-House Furniture Line

The Scout Seating Series - All photos provided by Edgework Creative.

It’s a story familiar to many service-based businesses. After spending enough time building and fulfilling clients’ visions – it’s time to create something of your own.

That time has arrived for handcrafted furniture fabricators Edgework Creative. Last month the studio launched its first in-house furniture line with 10 pieces, including seating, tables, and a venture into modular systems.

The new furniture line comes just over a year after a rebrand from Re:Work Furnishings meant to better clue consumers into their capabilities. While they got their start in reclaimed wood, the small shop’s capabilities have greatly expanded into design, metal fabrication, and working with virgin lumber and live-edge slabs.

Marking + PR Manager Meghann Bush says focusing on client-driven custom pieces has meant working on pieces they love, and others that aren’t their personal aesthetic. It has also meant starting over every time.

With the new furniture line, “It’s more about working together as a team in-house, instead of reinventing the wheel every time, [and] building up a catalog of designs that we are confident in, that we love, that we want to put out into the world,” Bush says.

The Mast Dining Table + Side Table

Adam Jax and Justin Brown are behind the designs of the new pieces that also have a more accessible price point than custom-made options. A custom dining table might run in the $2,000 – $3,000 range, while the furniture line pieces run more in the hundreds, especially for seating options.

The new line includes two seating options: the Mast Stool and the Scout Seating Series – each available in three heights. Bush says producing more than one item at a time helps keep the costs lower.

In the realm of tables, the Mast comes in two sizes – dining or side table, and the Seneca fills the niche of dining for small spaces and comes with a wood or metal base.

Sales Manager Eric Killian saw the niche for the modular HIVE table. The trapezoid-shaped table comes in two heights, with or without casters, and is designed to be easily grouped together, or stand on its own.

Working with commercial and residential clients, Killian noticed the growing number of coworking and events spaces popping up in Columbus. These environments needed functional, appealing furniture that could be easily adapted and changed.

“There was really a pretty evident need for modern, modular furniture for these spaces,” Bush says.

The HIVE Table

While the HIVE lends itself to more commercial use, Bush says the line isn’t defined as commercial or residential – it has applications in both environments. With sleek, simple designs that let the materials speak for themselves, the pieces can easily fit into many spaces.

The new furniture line creates another revenue stream for Edgework Creative, but it will also attract a new kind of customer. With their custom work, the company had primarily been seeing more established, wealthy customers in their 30s-40s. The more affordable price point of the new lines opens the door to younger buyers. Bush says they want to be able to bring people into the realm of handmade furniture when they are making those first big purchasing decisions.

Edgework Creative will continue growing the commercial side of their operation and turning out custom work, but the new furniture line is their chance to showcase their perspective and who they are as designers. Bush says these first 10 pieces are just the beginning. Edgework Creative is prototyping a myriad of other home goods, from storage solutions and shelving, to coat racks and benches.

For more information, visit edgeworkcreative.co.

The Seneca Table
The Mast Stool