eEvent working on new event marketing engine fueled by good deeds

eEvent is refining its offerings to fit customer demand, and the $250,000 investment it recently received from TechColumbus will surely help.

The funding has not only allowed the three men behind the event marketing engine −Andi Sie, Edy Sulistyo, and Lawrence Samantha− to devote themselves to it full time, but it has also made it possible for eEvent to beef up its underlying technology. is a self-serve event marketing platform where users can create, publish, and manage multiple events of any size on the Intenet and mobile devices for free, and pay a small commission when they sell tickets using the platform. eEvent’s free services include mobile check-in and event networking tools.

“We have reduced, put on hold, or eliminated features like the integrated event search and recommendation engine, geo-tagging, and funware to narrow down our offerings to what matter the most for our customers,” says Sie.

eEvent has found that the majority of its customers share the same objective: optimizing event attendance. Therefore, eEvent is increasing its efforts in the marketing realm.

“We are creating something new− not a new feature, but more like an extension or complementary product of,” he says, adding that it will be an online hub for guests and fans to promote events they love, and compete to earn rewards, which will be tied to charitable causes.

“This online hub is going to be integrated to current services to virally promote events,” he adds. “The hub will be equipped with the latest online intelligence, social, and reward tools.”

The hub can also virally promote events created elsewhere.

“In short, we are about to release a product that will enable people to promote events they love and earn cash for their favorite charities,” he says. “Its kind of like a turbo-charged event marketing engine fueled by good deeds.”

eEvent has clients in the Unites States and Indonesia (spread over 160 regions, to be exact), and the company has prioritized its future product releases in accordance with regional supply and demand.

“We are also working with local partners in Indonesia to manage our operations and offering strategy in there,” he says.

Additionally, eEvent will be raising more funding in the near term to successfully commercialize and scale its offerings.

“We hope to quickly obtain this additional funding so that we can immediately hire more people in web/mobile development and design, as well as business development,” he says.

eEvent has created an early access link for the first 100 Metropreneur readers who want to promote an event using its platform. Readers who use the link to sign up for the service will have priority access when the online hub becomes available.

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