Emerging Entrepreneur Experience Seeking Next Class of Business Owners

The Emerging Entrepreneur Experience is seeking its next group of growth-oriented business owners for its year-long learning experience to kick off in April of 2018.

The program is part of Randy Gerber’s vision to serve the entire entrepreneurial lifecycle, from startup, to emerging enterprise, to established business. Gerber’s other operation, Gerber LLC tackles the needs of established, first-generation entrepreneurs with services that connect the dots between business and personal finances to help business owners make decisions that will best fit the goals of both.

Gerber found an underserved need for entrepreneurs on the emerging side of the spectrum. While many companies find it difficult to provide help to growth-stage entrepreneurs on a cost-effective basis, the Emerging Entrepreneur Experience draws on expertise from Gerber LLC and brings it into a program that balances facilitated guidance with peer-to-peer insights.

Randy Gerber
Randy Gerber

The Emerging Entrepreneur Experience targets companies with $300,000 to $2 million in sales, “to help them tackle business issues on a sequential basis,” Gerber says.

Businesses define core values, purpose and mission, before moving on to cashflow, profit, debt and more. The sequential order is a roadmap for what businesses should do to grow and stay in business.

Gerber says many business fail because, “They don’t do the right things in the right order.”

Program participants meet once a month for about three hours. Each sessions covers much content, but the goal is for entrepreneurs to walk away with three actionable items. Entrepreneurs also put in another five to 10 hours a month outside the classroom.

With a balance between facilitated learning and peer-to-peer communication, each session is, “a venue to talk about problems that you’re dealing with,” Gerber says. He wants to create a safe environment where business owners can talk through scenarios. 

EEElogoIn addition to the sales target, Gerber is looking for program participants that are majority owners with a growth mindset and have at least two years in business.

“They are growing faster than they can candle,” Gerber says.

The April 2018 cohort will be the program’s fourth, with participants thus far coming from a wide range of industries. The industry-agnostic program has benefits for most types of businesses.

Gerber says businesses that have completed the program have seen outcomes like adding locations or lines of business, putting the right team in place to keep the business moving forward, and making investments in people infrastructure that are reaping dividends.

For more information and to register for the program, visit gerberemerging.com