Engaging Experts and Holiday Fun

Technology and the digital world move quickly. What you are doing this quarter might not be what you need to be doing next quarter. This pace of change is one reason you need to seek out experts in specific disciplines.

You are probably in business to provide a particular product or service, and you do it really well. You take pride in what you do. You don’t do everything for everyone.

You should approach your technology and digital projects the same way. Work with experts who have deep experience and knowledge in their area of expertise.

The lure of working with vendors who do a lot under one roof is appealing. There is only one call to make if you have a question. They offer a menu of products and services, and most of us like options. The more the better, right?

We don’t think so and here’s why: a company that claims to do lots of different things probably doesn’t do anything really well. You want to pay for expertise not volume of services.

Let’s say you are building a home. There will be a general contractor who oversees the work being done by the plumber, electrician, roofer, painter, etc. The general contractor role is important, no doubt.

However, you wouldn’t want the general contractor doing the wiring, plumbing, painting, etc. because that isn’t their expertise. You want the experts doing what they do because value is what you are paying for.

The same holds true in digital and interactive projects. A company that claims to do it all can’t be experts at everything. They might be good at most of what they do, but they can’t be great at everything.

At AWH, we have surrounded ourselves with experts. We see firsthand the value and impact they provide clients. Our partners create amazing user interface designs, animated experiences, and customer experiences that rock.

We partner with them because we’re not experts in what they do. We don’t try to provide every service a client might need as part of an engagement. We’re technologists. We create exceptional applications and consult with clients on technology. We are experts in what we do and we let our partners do what they do.

leftchannel is one of our partners. The design studio does wicked animation, motion, and video work. This year, we collaborated with leftchannel on our holiday card. It is an augmented reality experience that has a sledding hill, carolers, a snowball fight, a train and, of course, Santa and his sleigh.

leftchannel did the graphical and animated assets, and we created the augmented reality experience and apps. You can check it out here.

We would like to thank our clients and partners for another great year. We’ve been building exceptional applications since 1995 and we still love it. We love it for what the applications allow our clients to accomplish. We love working with our partners, big and small. They inspire us and they make us better.

As you look to 2013 and are thinking about what you want to accomplish with your business, we hope you will engage with experts in their field. They will make you better.

Wishing you a prosperous and rewarding 2013.