Entrepreneurial Leap Yields New Food Truck Por’Ketta

Any entrepreneur knows taking the leap is the most terrifying yet exhilarating part of being a business owner. That decision to branch out is giving Columbus a new food truck. Appeasing to the carnivores, Por’Ketta will bring primarily pork-based eats, staring most obviously, porchetta, to the food truck scene this spring.

“The decision has been a long time coming,” says Tony Layne, the chef behind the wheel. Layne has done his time in the local food scene, working with both independent and corporate entities, from RJ Snappers to Marriott Hotels. But, it was the freedom to explore and express himself both from a business and culinary standpoint that lured him to entrepreneurialism.

“It was time to strike out,” Layne says. “Is it scary? Absolutely. But I wake up everyday electrified and excited, ready to go.”

The timing was also right. As father of five, stability and being able to provide for his family had been a primary concern for Layne throughout his career. With his youngest now a senior in high school, “Everything aligned,” he says.

He’s already over what he called the biggest hurdle which was starting the whole process.

“Just starting, beginning the process, fear is the biggest obstacle to overcome,” Layne says. “Giving up comfort, stability, predictability for the unknown is scary. Pushing through to the other side is exhilarating.”

Layne is looking to the tight-knit food truck community in Columbus as he gets started.

“The mobile food operators working out there right now have been incredibly generous answering questions and providing information,” he says. Heeding advice from others that have been there has helped with the what and what not to dos.

As for the food, Layne is uncompromising about quality. Por’Ketta plans to source everything possible from Ohio.┬áMeats are Ohio-sourced and processed, and as it becomes seasonally available, produce will be from local purveyors.

To hear more about Por’Ketta’s eats, head over to Columbus Underground.

For more information, follow the truck on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.