Equitas Health Enters the Publishing World with LGBTQ-Focused Prizm

Photo via Prizm website.

As operations at Outlook Ohio Magazine came to a close this summer, the state lost its major LGBTQ lifestyle publication.

But just weeks after the announcement, Equitas Health had a plan to close the gap in the market, bringing an LGBTQ presence back to local media. The regional non-profit healthcare system will enter the publishing world with Prizm, a monthly magazine and digital news service for the LGBTQ community.

“We thought that given our mission and our statewide presence, that this was an excellent opportunity for us to be able to step in and move this forward,” says Joel Diaz, chief marketing & community affairs officer at Equitas.

The publication will be a second social enterprise for Equitas. Since 2012, the non-profit has gone from a $6.5 million budget largely funded by grants, to a $74 million budget overwhelmingly supported by their social enterprise Equitas Health Pharmacy. The pharmacy not only expanded Equtias’ budget, but more importantly, the resources and care it could provide for the community. prizm-logo

In the whirlwind to launch Prizm – the first issue is slated for October – Diaz says it is their track record of success – that their health centers and pharmacies have done a great job in achieving health outcomes and being financially viable – that has played an integral role in the positive support of the publication thus far.

“Our organization has always been one that’s shown great vision and our board has been very supportive of our organizational initiatives,” Diaz says.

Prizm will have a broad spectrum of coverage in both content and availability across the state.

Content will include current events, arts & culture, fashion, politics, news, travel, entertainment and health. Readers can expect information on Pride events across the state, to stories of those affecting change in their communities.

“We really see this publication as an opportunity to continue to tell our stories in a way that we are able to do so, in a publication that is for us and by us,” Diaz says.

In addition to being available at their 15 facilities, Equitas has lined up over 1,000 statewide distribution points, spanning coffeeshops to other LGBTQ-focused businesses. Diaz says the magazine will extend Equitas’ reach across the state in a way that already aligns with their goal to be a resource for the community.

Carol Zimmer Clark will be at the helm of the new publication. Clark brings 25 years of industry experience, mostly recently turning around a struggling Dayton Business Journal into a once again profitable publication. She will also be joined by former Outlook staffers Mike Moffo, Bob Vitale and Staley Munroe.

For more information, visit prizmnews.com

For more information on Equitas Health, visit equitashealth.com