E.V. Bishoff Equipping Offices with Building-Owned Internet & Telephone Networks

Local commercial real estate development company E.V. Bishoff recently completed the installation of  building-owned internet and telephone networks in three of its historic downtown structures. The Central Telephone Building at 33 N. Third St., The Law and Finance Building at 85 E. Gay St., and The Commerce Building located at 35 E. Gay St. have all been outfitted with flexible networks that all-around improve efficiency.EVBishoffsmall

Pre-wired networks save small business owners the time and hassle of dealing with third-party providers.

“There is really nothing like it,” says David Bishoff, president of E.V. Bishoff Company. “The ease and simplicity of getting your office up and running is unmatched anywhere else. In addition, the cost of jumping on our network is less than you can get from another network carrier and you can increase your capacity anytime you want. You have flexibility that is unheard of in the industry.”

Flexibility is the apex of both plans and services. Internet solutions are crafted to meet the needs of the tenants in each building with some networks reaching speeds of up to 100 mbps.

“The benefit of owning your own network is that you can adjust as needed, when needed,” Bishoff says. “If we bring in a new client that has large needs, we can just bump up the capacity to service the need of the new client.”

Flat-rate telephone packages can be selected for nationwide or international calling.

E.V. Bishoff sees the service as the future of office buildings and a small part in its larger focus of assisting its clients’ business operations.

“Office Buildings are environments that are to not only accommodate the business needs of the tenants, but allow the tenants to accelerate their growth through the use of those environments that are provided by the property owner,” Bishoff says. “We provide the environment to allow our clients to do just that. What is in our client’s long term best interest is in our long term best interest also.”

For more information, visit evbco.com.