eVAL Headed to New Space Downtown After SID Contest Win

Capital Crossroads SID recently announced eVAL as the inaugural winner of their In this City I Can BE Downtown video contest. With the $10,000 prize, the custom web and app development firm will head from South Washington Avenue to 175 on the Park, right in the heart of downtown.

The move will foster the next step of growth for the business that started in July of 2012. Responding to the market, eVAL has refined their services over time.

Nicholas Hinsch

“When we first started in business, we focused primarily on web development and app development, and now we actually offer a wide range of services, all of with are pretty interrelated,” says eVAL CEO Nicholas Hinsch.

eVAL offers IT infrastructure and architecture for enterprise level networks, the specialty of initial partner Charlie Powell. He focuses on networks for companies that maybe have multiple locations or servers or are managing VoIP systems.

Another component of eVAL is information and network security – Hinsch’s passion.

“A lot of the time what you find with web and app development firms is that they may be fantastic at producing the product, but security may not necessarily be a strong focus,” he says.

Information security ensures the way info is stored on a system is secure and protected, while network security keeps internal company networks sheltered from outsiders. They can also audit code and offer penetration testing.

“We kind of run the full gamut of security services,” Hinsch says.

Constant headlines of data breaches and break-ins pushed the company in the direction of security. Hinsch says it’s what makes them stand out from the plethora of app development firms in Columbus. Anyone in town can develop and app, but what do they do about security? eVAL provides extra peace of mind that their solution is not only well-designed but secure.

eVAL still offers their foundation app development as needed for customers.

“We are really in the business of providing solutions, whatever it may be, to just help further the customer’s business,” Hinsch says. “We are very goal-oriented.”

eVAL works with the likes of Denison University, data centers, and several office parks around town, including their new home, 175 on the Park.

“We will be in charge of the building’s information technology and security infrastructure,” Hinsch says. “That’s kind of the size of client that we are going after.” eVAL is looking to provide solutions on an enterprise level.

The business’ refocus to security solutions was a strategic move to stay competitive in the marketplace, and their inspiration for entering the contest.

“When we first started we just did development, and web development in Columbus is very fast-pace and it’s very competitive,” Hinsch says. A more saturated marketplace and competitive prices from freelancers forced the firm to refocus and take the business in a different direction.

As for the contest, “We kind of realized it would really be fantastic to be right downtown really in the heart of where our clients live,” Hinsch says. “This was really great timing because we had been thinking about making the move.”

eVAL hopes to move to their new space in mid-December or early January. As the contest required, a large portion of the winnings will go towards rent, but the firm will also allocate some funds to furnishing their space, and adding additional staff to their four to five person operation.

“We’re looking to bring on two people within the next year,” Hinsch says. Finding the right talent has represented another challenge for the small business, but the firm is focused on keeping everything local, including their new hires.

“That’s very important for us to keep the business within the city,” he says.

For more information, visit eval.agency.