eWebSchedule helps service businesses reduce overtime, ensure shift coverage

New web-based employee scheduling software aims to eliminate paper, reduce overtime, and ensure shift coverage.

Since eWebSchedule −developed by a Westerville company of the same name− is cloud-based, schedules can be modified anytime, anywhere to accommodate time-off requests or the need to expand or decrease employee shifts at service industry businesses, such as restaurants and long-term health care providers.

“eWebSchedule was built on our experience managing the gravity of scheduling gaps caused by last minute changes,” says its sales director Gary Ward. “Automating scheduling helps companies improve service by ensuring there are enough employees available to serve customers.”

Individual employee availability is pre-set and instantly recognized by the scheduling system when a schedule is being created, preventing gaps and errors.

The software has a schedule notification feature that texts or emails employees when schedules are posted, and alerts employees to open shifts or changes.

Employees can log into the system to review their schedules, request time off, or learn about and accept open shifts. However, that doesn’t mean employers who use eWebSchedule cede control of their staffs.

First, they must determine whether to allow employees to post and trade shifts. Those who do so can then decide which employees are permitted to post and claim shifts, and whether approval from a supervisor is required.

Further, managers receive alerts when overtime thresholds are reached or time-off requests are submitted.

Businesses interested in using eWebSchedule (which is powered by Advanced Billing & Consulting Services) can try the product for free for 45 days. Monthly fees for eWebSchedule are based on company size.

Additionally, eWebSchedule offers complimentary set-up for up to two franchise locations.

To learn more about eWebSchedule, visit eWebSchedule.com.