Fairhaven Lawn Care Provides Employment Opportunities for Individuals on the Path to Sobriety

Left: Shannon (Fairhaven employee); Right: Eddie Rapp (Director, Lutheran Social Services’ Fairhaven Lawn Care)

Fairhaven Lawn Care, LLC was the first of two social enterprises launched by Lutheran Social Services (LSS) Faith Mission of Fairfield County office. Based in Lancaster, OH, Fairhaven Lawn Care was founded in 2008 to support LSS’ mission of creating a better world by serving people in need. Fairhaven Lawn Care employs clients of Faith Mission’s emergency shelter and permanent supportive housing programs. LSS also operates Patriot Pride Painting Company, a social enterprise dedicated to providing employment opportunities to veterans.

Prior to joining Fairhaven Lawn Care, Shannon, now an employee, spent his childhood in an extremely volatile home environment where he began using drugs at age 11. His father introduced them to him, and his already unstable life quickly unraveled to the point where his entire existence revolved around substance abuse. He bought, stole and sold drugs, and spent time in and out of jail, culminating in the loss of custody of his children. He was broke, broken and homeless.FairhavenLogo

Immediately following a nine-month jail sentence, Shannon was court-ordered to participate in a rehabilitation program. Sixth time was a charm. He stuck with the process and landed on his feet at LSS Faith Mission’s emergency shelter, and over time, he progressed to LSS’ sober living program. Shannon started working for Fairhaven Lawn Care in April of 2015.

“It may seem like a small thing to most people,” said Shannon, “but after so many years of being addicted to drugs, sleeping on couches and not really being trusted by anyone, I’ve been able to earn the trust of my employer to the point where I can have the keys to the company truck and lawn equipment. This has been a major step for me, and it’s a daily reminder of how far I’ve come.”

Fairhaven Lawn Care follows standard business practices, including background checks and drug screenings. Its employees are offered a competitive work environment that is dedicated to equipping them with the necessary skill sets to live a more independent and satisfying life.

Eddie Rapp, Director of LSS Faith Mission of Fairfield County, who oversees Fairhaven Lawn Care, has witnessed Shannon’s recovery first hand.

“For Shannon,” said Rapp, “Fairhaven has been a really positive, pivotal experience. He has found his own place to live, has earned his driver’s license back and has driving privileges with Fairhaven, and he’s even received a promotion.”

Fairhaven Lawn Care is committed to providing excellent services and a great deal of impact in the community. Since 2008, the social enterprise has employed 56 individuals. Profits from Fairhaven Lawn Care go directly toward empowering people in the community to reach self-sufficiency by gaining employment and housing.

To learn more about Fairhaven, please visit the website, or for an estimate contact Paul at 740-438-5728. You can also learn more by viewing Fairhaven Lawn Care’s profile page on SocialVentures’ online Marketplace for social enterprises throughout Central Ohio.

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