Why Your Fans Aren’t Liking Your Facebook Updates

Your engagement is down on your Facebook page, so what do you do? Blame Facebook, of course!

“They want us to pay to promote our posts! That’s why we don’t have as many likes.”

Valid argument. You’re using someone else’s network, so you’re at the mercy of how they want to conduct business.┬áBut is that really what’s happening with your engagement levels? Or are you sending your fans away with every post you share?

Here are some common reasons why fans aren’t liking your Facebook updates:

1) Marcia! Marcia! Marcia! It’s always about you

You might be totally psyched to talk about the products you have to offer or the sale you’re currently having, but that’s not enough to keep fans around. Think of Facebook as less of a soapbox and more of social gathering. Good conversations happen from listening and talking about current events that are relevant to your audience, in addition to letting them know what you’re excited about.

2) No visual technique

Facebook is a very visually friendly network. Have you seen the size of pictures on the news feed these days? (You may or may not have wanted to see every tiny detail of the new profile picture your friend just uploaded. Just sayin’.) Take advantage of this space!

Why post a link to your article if you can post a picture and put a teaser with the link in the caption for when you’re audience wants to learn more? (See example here.) Don’t waste anymore updates gambling on the Facebook algorithm. Use a pop of picture!

3) All business. All the time

One of the reasons why people follow brands on social media is to get their take on things. Life. Current events. Anything, really. It’s not just about what’s happening for their bottom line. Not to say that your fans don’t appreciate the consistency of content from your account and knowing what they’re going to get, but a leap outside your box every once in awhile speaks volumes.

Show off your brand personality by joining conversations outside of your niche (maybe steer clear of politics and religion.) It’s a breath of fresh air when brands take a chance and leave their comfort zone.

4) Automated junk

Facebook doesn’t like copied tweets. Just like Twitter doesn’t like when you send over your Facebook updates. They’re different mediums and they want to be respected as such.

Actually, they could care less, which is worse because they’re not going to pay attention to you. Also, if you auto update social media with the email newsletter you just mailed, that’s not a very engaging update either. Rule of thumb here would be if you can automate it, Facebook engagement isn’t likely. Tailor everything for your fans!

And if you can’t be there all the time, that’s why they created an in-platform Facebook scheduler. Your presence can still be effective, even if you don’t have a full-time social media manager!

How are you beating the Facebook algorithm?