Fast-Growing Upshift Adds Second Office on the East Side

Fast-growing startup Upshift is doubling down on its presence in Columbus. Hailing from Cincinnati and arriving in Central Ohio in July of 2017, the employment platform is adding an office in Reynoldsburg to access a new market of Upshifters and employers.

The win-win platform helps employers from event venues to warehouses find labor on-demand sans an HR headache, and workers, which the platform calls Upshifters, get to work when and where they want. Upshifters are W2 employees of the startup, vetted before they even reach employer partners.

As a part of that process, Upshift requires an in-person document check. It demonstrates a commitment to show up on time, mirroring an individual’s likeliness to do the same for a shift. Until recently, that step of the process could only be completed in one location – Upshift’s Hilliard office. 

This week, Upshift opened its second office in Columbus on the opposite side of the city at 5300 E. Main St.

“Business has been growing tremendously and a second office on the east side allows us to tap into a wider portion of the population who may not have been able to readily travel to our initial office in Hilliard,” says COO Alex Pantich.

Community Manager Andrew Farren says Upshift has already seen a notable increase of interest and opportunity to the east, both from businesses and potential Upshifters.

“Just today I onboarded an individual who currently works for The Limited and mentioned that the east side office will make it easier to recommend Upshift to her coworkers,” Farren says.

The new location boosts the number of Upshifters living closer to current and future key clients in areas like New Albany, Groveport, Reynoldsburg and Etna

“We typically like to even out the density of Upshifters in our given markets to better serve the needs of our partners and make it easier for people to reach us,” Pantich says.

On the employer side Upshift already has multiple clients with operations on the east side and they are in discussions with several other major companies in the area as well. The surrounding areas like New Albany, Groveport, Reynoldsburg and Etna are home to a number of warehouse and logistic centers that have needs that are a strong fit for the type of employment Upshift provides.

Even before the new location, Upshift has been expanding its employer network within the city, signing on clients like Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center, Merrill Corporation, Ohio Expo Center and more.

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