Fireball Press Launches New Website with Online Ordering

From business cards to flags, Short North’s Fireball Press can print it. A new website is helping customers more readily identify the expansive list of products the 15-year-old business can handle.

“This website launch is an enormous step forward for us,” says co-owner Kevin Grimm. “It’s set up the way that people would expect it to to be able to buy print products online.”

Fellow co-owner Dough Holmes’ inbox was previously carrying the weight of what the new website will accomplish. Emailing files and calling in credit card numbers was involved, but with the new website customers can create an account, upload files, see a proof, compare  pricing and even pay online.

“This one is a lot more interactive,” Holmes says. “There’s a lot more options on there to scroll through, you can see the prices for everything.”

The new website allows customers to see many of the products and capabilities Fireball Press has long-offered but couldn’t communicate through the previous website, like various coatings and finishes.


For Fireball Press, it’s new website, same great service.

“Our aim is to be like the convenience and pricing of a one-stop print shop that you could find anywhere online, but at the same time, have like the mom and pop-ish kind of reputation that we’ve always had,” Grimm says.

Holmes says a lot of people come to them because they are local, and stay, “because we keep a good relationship with our customers.”

Many folks don’t know exactly what they are looking for unless they’ve had a lot of print products done in the past, and Fireball Press is eager to educate consumers on their capabilities.

“We do our best to educate them first because no matter what, the most important thing is that the person that walks through your door, or calls you, or hits your website is happy with what they get for the money,” Grimm says.

That includes being ready for the learning curve that is likely to come with the new website. Grimm hopes it will be an easy transition, though. He says they tried not to make it complicated – customers will find the products they are used to plus more.

Nearly everything Fireball Press prints is either produced at their Short North location or within the state, save a few large-format items. They also offer same-day and next-day services with several of the products that they offer.

Fireball Press has largely relied on word-of-mouth referrals to gain customers, but are confident a more professional website will help them go after bigger companies and grow the business in general.

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All photos by Susan Post.