First Columbus Coworking Day Scheduled for May 11

If you’ve ever wondered what coworking is all about, Monday, May 11 is your chance to check it out for free. Seven coworking spaces from across Central Ohio are banding together to create Columbus Coworking Day.

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, anyone who frequents the coffee shop, works from the couch or generally just wants to change up their routine even if they have an office are invited to experience a day of coworking to be held from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at a secret location that will be announced sometime between now and May 10.

“We’re really trying to think outside the box of where you can work,” says Andy Soell, Coworking Day organizer and Salt Mines Founder. “One of the main goals of this event series is we want to highlight some of the things that Columbus offers that other cities don’t have.”

Soell hopes to run a monthly Coworking Day through the summer, and will gauge interest to see if the event series will continue in the later months.

Not only is the event introducing coworking to a new audience, but it’s fostering collaboration between existing spaces. It’s not a competition between spaces, but a competition against the couch.

Coworking spaces participating include:

Soell sees several goals for the event.

“The big one is to just increase awareness of coworking in Columbus,” he says. Compared to other cities, Columbus has a relatively small number of coworking options.

“The independent workforce is going to continue to grow,” Soell says. “I believe Columbus has the number of people to support a number of spaces.”

With the collaboration also comes the opportunity to make sure those interested in a coworking find the space that best fits their needs.

For more information and to RSVP, visit