First Look: Columbus Idea Foundry Wrapping up Work on Second Floor

Work is wrapping up on the 25,000 square feet of the second floor of the Idea Foundry in Franklinton. The renovation brings a new wave of makers to the former shoe warehouse that’s now a makerspace for blacksmiths to lawyers.

The Idea Foundry’s early second floor tenants already show the cross-section of industries that will collide in the space. Video game developers Multivarious Games are claiming an office and carving out a corner to create a physical home for gaming and creative technology. Graphic designers, lawyers, drone developers, and soon, the Smart Cities team, all occupy space as well.

“Our primary interest is that you want to be here in particular; that you want to engage with people and teach or take classes and join the mix instead of just looking for a quiet space to do your work,” says Idea Foundry CXO Kris Howell of the curation of businesses. “Given that that’s our primary focus, it naturally draws people who are engaged and want to build community, and want to build an innovative community, so that’s not specific to industry, but what it does kind of skew toward are very curious, very excited people.”


Rates start at an affordable $75/month for 24/7 coworking access, with a plethora of space to spread out. Offices will generally run between $600/month – $750/month depending on size and location, with some larger suites for multiple team members falling outside of that range.

Howell says the space will fill in with furniture over the next month – much of it being made on the first floor. It’s one of the many ways the two floors will collide. Members on the first floor have access to the second, and Howell says they will be intentional about connecting first and second floor tenants to collaborate on projects.

Flexibility is the name of the game as things come together. Final use of some areas will be determined as the Idea Foundry gets a feel for what kinds of amenities would be helpful for members.

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All photos by Susan Post.