Fit Food Delivers Healthy, Convenient Meals

Healthy and convenience food normally don’t belong in the same sentence. However a new Columbus business delivers healthy, ready-to-eat meals and snacks right to your doorstep – without it costing an arm and a leg.

Monday through Friday, Fit Food delivers their menu of delicious yet health-conscious dishes to residents within the 270 loop.

“We tried to make a menu that was first of all affordable, and second of all tastes great,” Fit Food Owner Eric Hayes says.

Food selections rotate daily and include one breakfast option, three entree choices, a salad and four snack options. Breakfasts and salads cost $5, with entrees affordably priced at $9, and snacks $3.

Hayes worked with Chef Courtney Nielsen and Channing Centeno to develop the menu, aiming for meals that were under 500 calories, with several that are also gluten-free. Currently Fit Food has about 70 menu items.

“We had to have a pretty extensive menu because we wanted things to change often so people wouldn’t get bored,” Hayes says.

Diners find breakfasts like carrot muffins with fruit, or traditional fare like eggs, sausage and potatoes. Fit Food offers a variety of chicken and steak entrees, also including one vegetarian option a day. Dishes include a variety of flavors and flairs with options like steak tacos, Thai turkey burgers, pesto chicken and pasta, stuffed mushrooms and sweet potato gnocchi. Fit Fooders snack on granola bars, yogurt parfaits, kale chips and hummus.

With the advent of spring and summer Hayes says Fit Food will add about 50 new items to their menu.


Fit Food wasn’t developed as a diet or a get skinny quick scheme, but Hayes says some customers have lost weight by using the meals.

“Things are portioned properly,” he says. Fit Food wants their meals to be part of a healthy lifestyle just like a gym membership might be.

While the meals are healthy, one of the biggest advantages to Fit Food is the convenience. Diners browse the menu online before ordering directly from the website. Ordering must be completed by 10 p.m. the day before, and the prepared meals will arrive to a customer’s doorstep between 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. the next day.

Also, “Up until the Sunday the week before you can order a weeks worth of meals for $99,” Hayes says. Meal plans come in three varieties, the square meal that includes a breakfast, lunch and dinner, Monday through Friday, the SLD that substitutes a salad instead of a breakfast, or the veggie pack that includes breakfast, the vegetarian entree and a salad.

There is no membership fee for Fit Food, so customers can come and go as they like. They can also just order for certain days of the week.

“The only requirement is that you order at least one entree,” Hayes says.


Reception has been positive with a growing client base of 350. However, their typical customer is different than expected. Fit Food intended to target a downtown, urbanite, business-driven single between 25 and 45. Instead, Hayes finds that many of their customers are females over the age of 30 that are interested in staying healthy and appreciate the convinence factor the food delivery offers. Many of them also reside in the Grandview, Upper Arlington and Dublin area.

No matter what they expected, Fit Food has a bigger audience in mind.

“Our product is really meant for everyone,” Hayes says. “It makes life simpler.”

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