formula AM now available in Short North

Two years ago, a team of local entrepreneurs, designers, and doctors set out to find a cure for a common ailment: the hangover. After intense research, development, and testing, formula AM has been launched publicly and is available exclusively in Columbus.

The formula AM beverage is formulated to rapidly reduce the impact of hangovers by charging the liver with oxygenated water to boost its ability to process toxins. Electrolytes and caffeine help rehydrate and rejuvenate the body.

“We developed formula AM as a legitimate cure for a hangover, and drinking it essentially optimizes the body to process toxins after a night out,” says Dave Colina, founder and CEO of formula AM. “It helps people achieve a balance between being social and remaining productive the next day, rather than choosing one over the other. Because of formula AM’s ingredients, it has also been adopted as a performance enhancer for fitness and active lifestyles. Regardless of the application, formula AM helps people unlock their potential to get the most out of their day.”

formula AM’s formula is comprised of three primary ingredients: oxygen, electrolytes and caffeine, each providing a distinct benefit. Oxygen fuels the liver and boosts its ability to process toxins, electrolytes help the body absorb water to rehydrate, and caffeine provides needed energy and can help alleviate headaches.

Currently, formula AM is available through select retailers, including those owned by Elizabeth Lessner, CEO/president of Columbus Food League.

“I see formula AM as something that helps people ‘have it all’— a great night out and a productive next day,” says Lessner. I really respect the team behind formula AM and their drive to launch this product. This entrepreneurial spirit is so important to Columbus and helps keep our city vibrant. It’s really exciting to support a product like formula AM.”

formula AM can be purchased at Da Levee, Betty’s Fine Food & Spirits, Jury Room, and Short North Fitness. Its founders are exploring other retailers as the company expands.

formula AM can also be purchased directly through or by texting 614-500-fAM1.