Founders Factory US Acquired by Founders Factory UK

An across the pond partnership had merged two businesses with the same name. Founders Factory US announced yesterday London-based Founders Factory UK will acquire its brand and assets.

Founders Factory US brought together a group of local entrepreneurial minds to help early-stage businesses rapidly grow into viable, sustainable enterprises. Founders Factory UK provides corporate-backed accelerator and incubator programs that put it at the heart of a growing European tech ecosystem.

Through the deal, the US team will be included in the UK’s global mentor network and maintain equity stakes in the 27 companies it has invested in over the past several years.

“With 95 percent of middle market income located outside the U.S., it is essential for high-growth startups to think globally,” Brooke Paul, founder and managing director, Founders Factory US said in a press release. “Doing business internationally yields greater innovation, job growth and funding sources, and we look forward to participating in an expanded global technology ecosystem, giving a leg-up to Columbus-based business.”

The UK team will acquire both the brand and assets of Founders Factory US, including its web domain, which is just one letter off the UK’s

For more information, visit (US) and (UK).

Photo Credit: Daphne Johnson