Freshen Up Your Marketing

Let spring inspire you to go out with the old, in with the new

Spring is here! The season for opening days, spring cleaning and new beginnings, so when it comes to marketing, now is a great time to refresh your strategy. Clear the clutter, breathe new life into your content, and maybe try a little something new. Here are a few ways you can freshen up your marketing this season.

Out With the Old

With any change, a first step should be an audit. Take this season to review what you have out there and how things are performing. What marketing channels are consistently bringing the best return on investment? What social channels are receiving the most valuable engagements? Then, get organized and dial in on what’s working so you can let go of what’s not. Maybe your print piece in the local magazine hasn’t gained any traction and you need to switch to something more effective. The key here isn’t to overhaul your entire marketing strategy, instead it is taking an honest look at what you’re doing and where you can better focus your time and resources.

Stephanie Maupin
Stephanie Maupin

Speaking of time, you may even consider investing in time-saving tools, such as Hootsuite to manage your social media channels and schedule posts to all channels well in advance, and Canva for premade templates for graphics. Utilizing other software relevant to your industry, such as Apple’s Square or project management platforms, can help make your marketing more efficient.

Ever-changing technology in marketing also lends itself to spam. Use this season to put measures and applications in place to protect your content and digital marketing channels from becoming a victim. On the other hand, to avoid coming across as spam to others, be sure to research new regulations among the channels you deliver your content, such as Google, Facebook and your email client, to be up to date so your hard work doesn’t go straight to your customer’s junk folder.

Get Back on Top

Much like the seasons, trends are constantly changing and in order to keep up, you must have relevant information and keywords throughout your digital and content marketing channels. It may be time to search for new industry terms and keywords. Adding these to your website and content marketing by incorporating fresh content and information distributed throughout your website will help give you a boost in browser searches.

Extend the benefit of utilizing these new keywords by incorporating them into your email marketing. Still one of the best ways to increase your marketing ROI, your email newsletter is a smart strategy to speak directly to your consumers. Adjusting for spring might mean refreshing your email template with new graphics, designating new areas to include timely and relevant content to share, and even cleaning out your email database. If you don’t currently utilize email marketing, the spring is a great time to launch!

Refresh Your Look

Spring summons visions of flowers, freshness, sunshine and warmth. That makes this season an easy opportunity to update your marketing collateral, sales materials, social channels and website. What is the current look and feel of the marketing you’re putting out for consumers to see? If it feels dull and dark from the winter past, now is the time to update your visual content to contain bright and cheerful images and illustration that align with your brand. Find ways to refresh the look to reflect the season in the words you use and imagery you choose. Update Facebook and Twitter headers, create social media posts with bright, visual imagery, or utilize the growing popularity of videos to add another element of excitement. However you decide to reach your consumers, the more visually appealing and engaging the content, the more reach you can expect to gain!

Spring is a great time to review your current marketing, leave behind what’s not working, improve your content keywords and search, and refresh your look. Freshen up your marketing and it will be sure to bloom in the months to come.

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