From New York to Columbus: How I Found Endless Opportunity in Central Ohio

I’ve always considered myself a New Yorker.

I was born in Manhattan before moving to Brooklyn for 11 years, and finally lived in Westchester for seven years beyond that.

So, I have always felt at home surrounded by skyscrapers, tourists, taxi cabs and hot dog carts. To me, New York was where everything was possible; there was opportunity in every industry and for every individual.

In fact, I used to only see opportunity for myself in New York — until I left for Columbus three years ago to attend The Ohio State University.

I’ve traveled to cities far and wide, but it’s hard to fully understand a city until you’ve completely immersed yourself and lived there for an extended period of time.

I’ve gradually come to a whole new perspective: Columbus is a city full of possibilities and opportunity, made evident by its diverse business community, which includes startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Built for Growth

Not only is Columbus the country’s 14th largest city, it is also a top city for tech growth in multiple studies, one of the best cities for new college grads to start their careers, a top U.S. city where manufacturing is thriving, and one of the six best cities to start a business right now.

Beyond that, it ranks in the top 10 for arts and culture employers and is under construction to become America’s first ‘smart city.’ Having resided here for a few years now, I can personally attest to the accolades Columbus has received recently.

In addition to business-related accomplishments, Columbus’ travel and tourism industry continues to grow. High Street is always vibrant and energetic — there are a multitude of galleries, vintage shops, ethnic restaurants and bar patios that overflow every weekend onto the streets.

Unique in the Midwest

Columbus is a young, vibrant city. Many recent college graduates reside here, and see the region as a great place to build a career and a family. It’s trendy and hip, with everything from craft breweries and coffee roasters, to growing recognition as a fashion mecca. The cost of living is also reasonable, and commuting is a dream compared to metropolitan areas of similar size.

Another surprise has been just how friendly and approachable the city is. After going into a restaurant, even just two or three times, the employees recognize who you are. When shopping at some of your favorite boutiques, the owners know you by name. Columbus is a place to feel a sense of belonging. In New York it can sometimes feel like you’re lost in the so-called rat race, but I’ve never once felt that way in Columbus.

Originally, I came here for an education and Buckeye football, but I now envision myself staying long-term for the opportunity to jump-start my career.

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