Fulcrum Creatives Awarded B Corp Status

Fulcrum Creatives is the first marketing and branding company in Ohio, and one of only eight businesses statewide, to earn the prestigious B Corporation designation from international nonprofit, B Lab.

With a goal to redefine success in business, B Lab recognizes companies that “meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.” B Corporations use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

Goals like these have been a part of Fulcrum’s identity from the start and with their niche clientele of caused-based businesses, the designation was a natural fit.

“As a for-profit business that works with cause-based clients, having the B Corp certification brings more credibility to us as a business that is out to do good,” says Fulcrum Founder and Principal, Jason Moore.

B Corp is not a status that’s just handed out. Businesses must meet strict requirements in all facets of their operation to be awarded the certification. For Fulcrum, the process was a few years in the making.

About three years ago, Moore sat down and started filling out the initial in-depth assessment, but, “I quickly realized we needed to change our business and some of the things we were doing and incorporate some new practices,” he says. B Labs examines a business on everything from how they treat their employees to their actual business practices.

Moore describes the initiatives they put in place that helped Fulcrum achieve the status.

“From an employee standpoint, there are a lot of processes that need to be in place such as open book keeping,” he says. B Corps are all about transparency. Everyone in the company is kept in the loop about everything. Certain HR practices are required like performance reviews and various forms of health insurance can help a company score higher. Things like work-life balance, living wages and employee equality are also considered in awarding the status.

From a business standpoint, companies score for their social and environmental impact. A very high percentage of the clients that Fulcrum works with are social enterprises or non-profits that benefit at-risk populations, with some environmental clients as well. Business practices are also considered in the assessment, down to things like are they printing on recycled paper and recycling in-office.

“Hopefully it allows us to attract more of the people we want to work with,” Moore says. It’s a transparent view into the company’s philosophy and they strive to find others with a similar mindset. That not only goes for clients, but for other businesses. Fulcrum is looking forward to being part of a community of businesses that share their goals.

For more information, visit fulcrumcreatives.com.