Fulcrum Creatives Launches FORCE Initiative to Partner Cause-Related Organizations with Young Talent

Fulcrum Creatives is now accepting applications from both potential clients and interns to match the two in a project experience that will carry big benefits for both. FORCE will partner a hand-selected team of young talent supported by Fulcrum’s staff with a social enterprise, nonprofit or other cause-related organization to implement a professional-level creative project for the client.

Whether a business needs an overhaul of its branding, a campaign for a fundraising project or a whole new website, Fulcrum will build a team to tackle nearly any creative project a client needs.

“We’re kind of looking for some creativity from applicants as well,” says Jason Moore, Fulcrum Creatives principal. 

From the pool of client applicants, one project will be chosen.

“We’re really looking to put a team of people together that fit the project,” Moore says. 

The chosen organization will be required to pay for the project, but will receive a reduced rate. Moore says that businesses and organizations tend to value, appreciate and respect the work more when they have have some skin in the game versus donated or in-kind projects.

Interns will also be paid to show students the value of their work – an important premise to why Fulcrum Creatives developed the initiative.

Moore is a firm believer that people doing work should be paid for their work and was discouraged to see some organizations offering unpaid internships. He doesn’t want to see students being taken advantage of or just viewed as a source of inexpensive labor.

Another goal of the initiative is to provide students with portfolio-worthy, live work and a top-notch learning experience.

“One of the things that is of most value to a student is to have some real, live work,” Moore says.  

He also explains that students studying a certain field or building their expertise in a certain area, if the person they are working under doesn’t have a mastery of that area or experience managing that type of work, a student doesn’t receive the same experience. It’s the difference between a student working on something like a logo and just going straight for the visual aspect of it, versus a student working on a logo and taking into consideration things like an organization’s marketing and branding strategies.

Overall the initiative is looking for a way to introduce students to working with caused-based organizations, while giving these organizations who may not have the budget to hire an agency, professional, agency-level work.

Project work will begin in March and run through May. Moore hopes the initiative generates enough interest that they could potentially run it twice a year.

The deadline for client applications is Sunday, January 31, 2016 and can be filled out here.

The deadlines for intern applications is Monday, February 29, 2016 and can be filled out here.

For more information, visit workequals.com.