Most Funded Crowdfunding Campaigns in Columbus 2015

Columbus had its fair share of business-based crowdfunding campaigns this year, with 73 different campaigns making our monthly roundup – that’s more than one a week! Today, we take a look at some of the most successful campaigns for the year. We’ve tallied up the most funded campaigns both by dollar amount and percentage funded.

Nearly all of the most funded campaigns by dollar amount supported product launches, with the highest percentage funded campaigns showing much the same. Stay tuned this week as we further delve into what these numbers mean. We’ll take a big-picture look at all the campaigns that did and didn’t hit their goal and see what trends emerge when campaigns are divided by business stage. Local crowdfunding experts and successful campaigners will weigh in, too! Now check out the most funded campaigns!



*Note:¬†Couchlet and Tympani are InDemand on IndieGoGo and continuing to receive funds. Cap-Off’s campaign closed after the cut-off date. All percentages and totals calculated as of 12/11/2015.¬†

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