5 Grammar Mistakes Made by Successful Companies

The most important part of writing is editing. If your writing – whether it be a blog post, email, press release, or website copy – has spelling and grammar errors, it becomes completely invalid.


Because if you can’t spell, type, or speak correctly, then how can clients or customers trust you with more important tasks, like the future of their companies/finances/etc.? Most mistakes are careless and can be easily caught and fixed in the short time of one proofread and edit.

Take a look at the examples below of times when big name companies forgot to use spell check. I’ll bet your reaction is one you don’t want your customers to have in response to your company.

An extra 10 to 15 minutes is all it takes to save you from a negative lasting impression.

Big Lots

“We’re not gossping, we’re networking.”

Not only is there a comma splice, but also a spelling error. Only five words on this sign, but it would have been boring if they were all spelled correctly. Good job, Big Lots. There was quite a large pile of these, but I wonder if anyone bought one without noticing?



My lovely mother gave me a juicer for my birthday. Little did she know, it was actually for jucing. It’s spelled incorrectly more than once on the box. I was actually appalled at this one. Black&Decker should know better. At least it’s spelled correctly on their website.


Giant Eagle

The pharmacy employees at Giant Eagle don’t just enter the restrooms, they entire them. At least this one is a private sign, but it’s still careless.

photo credit Maddie Adams

Max & Erma’s

Max & Erma’s had one of the goodest holiday seasons this year. If you learn anything from this blog post, please let it be that goodest is not a word, and you should use best in its place.


Solid Rock

An amazing photography studio in my hometown posted a photo on Facebook one day with a small typo. I was pretty excited that I was the first to notice it (of course) and contact them to let them know before too many people saw. When you’re using a funky font, it may be easier to overlook typos, so make sure you’re really reading what you’ve written.

photo credit Solid Rock

Have you ever made a grammar or spelling mistake that affected your company?
What is an effective precaution you take to make sure your writing says what you want it to?