Grandview Shop Focuses on Nature

Nestled on bustling Grandview avenue is a little piece of nature. Accent on Nature, 1435. Gradview Ave., creates a unique retail storefront highlighting the beauty of our natural world.

“We concentrate on all things natural,” store owner Angela Zeigler says. Accent on Nature carries rocks, minerals, fossils and tumbled stones. “People can come in and get a sample of stone they might like at an inexpensive price point,” she says. Shoppers will also find jewelry, candles, books, bird feeders, bird feeder supplies and many other home decor items.

Accent on Nature strives to give local vendors a place to showcase their talents.

“We love to have local artists consign stuff with us,” Zeigler says. Local artisans contribute jewelry, candles, books and bird feeders to Accent on Nature’s wide array of special items. The emphasis on nature items is as equally important to Zeigler as highlighting local artists.


It’s hard to limit the store’s offerings to just the above list. “Accent on Nature is so unique,” Zeigler says speaking to their large variety of products, many of which look like something one might find a museum.

Assuming ownership of Accent on Nature was an unexpected venture for Zeigler. A similar store, Accent on Wild Birds, had been operating in Grandview for several years when the owner passed away in 2008. At the time she was working for a real estate company that owned the building the shop was in. When the opportunity came up to purchase the assets, she couldn’t pass it up.

“It just seemed like it was meant to be,” she says. “The opportunity literally just dropped at my feet.”

Zeigler used to frequent the store, saying many of the items they sell today are similar to what would be in her own own. And, as a seasoned traveler, Accent on Nature was also the exact kind of place she would seek out on her trips looking for a locally made memento.

“It’s a combination of a real passion for the unique stuff and a lifelong love of rocks and minerals,” she says as to why the store spoke to her.


A fire in 2009 that destroyed several Grandview businesses moved Accent on Nature down the street. Zeigler says that it’s been a challenge to get their name back out there after the move, but they are working to overcome that – and finding success.

Joining Experience Columbus has helped to alleviate their biggest challenge.

“When I joined my hope was to find exposure locally and to be able to reach out to visitors as well,” Zeigler says. Accent on Nature is listed in the Experience Columbus Visitors Guide, as well as on their website. The Visitors Guide allows the store to highlight opportunities for group tours.

“It’s really hard to keep your name out there and it has been a real struggle to figure out what marketing works best and they offer such an array,” Zeigler says of the opportunities with Experience Columbus.

She has also been able to attend programs and networking events sponsored by Experience Columbus to bring more awareness to Accent on Nature.

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