Grandview and Upper Arlington Chambers Announce Partnership

The Upper Arlington Area Chamber of Commerce and Grandview Area Chamber of Commerce announced today a new collaborative partnership that would share some resources across both organizations.

“It’s all about value to the membership,” said Grandview Chamber Executive Director Michelle Wilson. “Business has no borders, and having these two successful organizations working in harmony would be a huge asset to the current Chambers’ membership and the future Chamber members.”

The two Chambers will immediately begin hosting joint events and increasing marketing exposure for members of both organizations. Wilson will also begin assisting with day-to-day responsibilities at the UA Chamber.

“We would like to encourage the membership of both Chambers to become engaged and continue to build long lasting relationships that will help promote their business,” said UA Chamber Board Chair Peter Hahn. “By taking advantage of these unique opportunities, members can directly benefit from the best of both Chambers and what their respective communities offer.”

The boards of both Chambers will vote on a proposal within the next year that would include further collaborative programs and initiatives.

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