Haven Collective Bringing Coworking to Upper Arlington

The Columbus coworking scene is seeing a burst of activity with a lineup of new spaces slated to open, including The Hive, Serendipity Labs, and the latest to join the ranks, Haven Collective.

Co-Founders Danielle Lim and Melissa Blackburn are bringing coworking to a part of the city that currently sees a limited number of options. Located at 2025 Riverside Dr. in Upper Arlington, the duo chose the location to serve the remote and freelance workers in the surrounding communities.

Lim and Blackburn knew the space fit their vision for Haven Collective the moment they walked in. Blackburn says the building was already divided in a way that made sense for their mix of open working space and private offices, and, “We have very easy, accessible parking.” 

Haven Collective will offer a variety of setups to fit the needs of different types of workers. Private offices are available for individuals to small teams of about three. Semi-private, dedicated desk space will also be an option and allow coworkers to leave materials at their workspace.havenlogo

Haven Collective will curate two unique coworking areas. One will be more like a lounge fit for informal meetings, relaxing on the couch and consuming coffee. The other will function more as a quiet library space – sit down and get to work.

The amenities offered – and how they are determined – is what sets Haven Collective apart from other coworking spaces.

We’re really approaching this from a female perspective,” Blackburn says, aiming for a space that feels a bit warmer. 

The duo are toying with ideas like calling on a connection to a chef that offers prepared meals, creating a kids club, and offering fitness classes.

Blackburn describes it as, “Creating a community around those other services you need to be successful in your life.” 

Ultimately, it’s the Haven Collective community that will determine the amenities lineup.

If we build this with the community it will be more attractive, obviously, but it will really serve their needs,” Blackburn says. 

The pair were inspired to create a different kind of space for remote and freelance workers based on Lim’s personal experience. Working remotely since 2005, she had made the rounds at all the locations with WiFi – libraries, coffee shops, etc. She felt isolated.

I started looking at coworking because it was popping up around the city,” Lim says. 

Lim found a lot of the existing spaces didn’t really meet her needs, nor the needs of many of her colleagues, whether it was because of environment or location.

Friends from graduate school at OSU, she and Blackburn had always been it talks of creating something together, and when they started talking about coworking, it stuck.

Haven Collective is working with Triad Architects to design the 7,700 plus square feet of space that will come online in two phases: private offices first as early as September, then the open coworking areas.

Rates will be validated through Haven Collective’s continuing market research, but Lim says they will be very comparable to other coworking spaces in Columbus – private offices starting around $600/month, and coworking memberships approximately $60/month.

Haven Collective is still looking for feedback on its amenities and offering tours of their space.

Some of the best feedback we’re getting is as we’re walking people through the space,” Blackburn says. 

For more information, to leave feedback or schedule a tour, visit havencolumbus.com.