House of Media Focused on Helping Other Small Local Businesses

Good things happen when small businesses help one another, or as House of Media Director of Operations Hugo Albornoz describes it, “If they are successful, we will be successful.”

Albornoz is speaking about his new Columbus-based media company that is offering website development, social media management and digital design for small local businesses.

“We try and connect every single service,” he says. House of Media wants to bring everything full circle, intertwining all of their specialties.

The firm  is focused on serving local small businesses of all industries. While the partners have extensive experience in the service industry, they see clients ranging from athletic companies to tutoring services. House of Media appreciates a challenge and doesn’t want to limit themselves from potential clients, but also stays aware of what they can deliver.

What sets House of Media apart from other firms is also why they decided to start the business.

The team has been on the other side of the spectrum, seeing clients struggle to get the help and attention they needed from their firms. They saw how companies were operating and decided they could do better and offer something different.

“There were a lot of local small businesses struggling with marketing [and] design,” Albornoz says. “We got together and decided how we can help small businesses.”

First off, House of Media strives to keep their services affordable, seeing that many businesses were being overcharged and couldn’t afford  the help they needed.

But more than affordable, House of Media takes a genuine interest in helping other small businesses. It’s a chain reaction. Helping small business builds the community, building Columbus. And as their tagline states, they will only thrive if they help their clients grow.

House of Media takes the time to get to know each of their clients – something they say also sets them apart from others. Taking the time to understand the business allows the firm to represent them in the best way possible.

The firm finds many business owners obviously know a lot about their product, but not always how to market it. House of Media will offer advice to businesses on how to drive traffic or possible tactics, but doesn’t create full campaigns – they just create the marketing tools that will make it possible.

Being a new company, the biggest challenge House of Media is facing is building their name. Albronoz says they are relying on clients trusting them for their individual experience. Each has and extensive industry background, but the business itself is young and growing.

With a community that loves all things local, House of Media has found positive reception, earning attention for their support of other local businesses. The company recently set up a stand at the Columbus Food Truck Festival. Albronoz notes that as soon as they started sharing details people were excited. One example stuck out in his mind of how House of Media’s services will be different. A potential client was facing a $5,000 charge for a WordPress template customization, a price he says no one should have to pay.

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