How Video Can Increase Revenue from Current Clients

It’s typical for businesses to think about potential customers when they’re designing a marketing strategy for their brand. But what about your current clientele? You know, the ones who already know and love you, and trust you with their budgeted dollars. How can we double results from your efforts by encouraging further business from them?

Video content marketing is by far the best way to do it. Since we’ve already discussed the advantage of video content, these are some considerations to help you design your editorial calendar to attract business from not only new prospects, but existing as well.

  • It’s all about more for your money. Packaging video content that assists customers with their current struggles and relevant questions is a great way to give the impression that you’re offering special treatment. Paying customers who are not only getting your services but your video content as a resource to help them additionally will make them feel like they’re getting more for their money, making them very grateful for you and open to hearing how you might be able to help them further. Even if your video is public for all, find ways to tailor those videos in a package to your current clients’ issues and you’ll be top of mind in all the right ways.
  • Plant the seed of what you’d like to see your current clients implement. The projects you’re working on are your best inspiration. Use those ideas as opportunities to drop a little hint in video form that will encourage current clients to take that next step with you. Sometimes it’s hearing the advice outside of a direct consultation that makes the light bulb go off, and your customer will think about the possibilities your advice would provide them. Let them make the decision on their time, but be there via video content when the tipping point arrives.
  • Make the content easy to learn instead of an obligatory bore. Video is a great opportunity for you to spread your message further. Written information is great for the people who like to read, but if you can tap into those visual learners who are looking for quick and easy consumption, you’ll reach a much larger audience. Your customers are busy. They might try to make time for your latest article, but that time will probably not come. On the other hand, watching or listening to a three- to five-minute YouTube video will seem easier for them to fit in, giving you a better chance of being heard.

How are you marketing to current and past clients?