Hygrowponics Gardening Supply Store Opens in Hilliard

A new garden supply store is giving life to a long-vacant storefront in Hilliard. Hygrowponics opened its doors at 3914 Brown Park Dr. just over a week ago, bringing a gardening presence to the westside. 

The trio of owners – couple Faith and Tanner Edwards and Stanley Gorski – bring different facets of experience to the business. Faith grew up on an organic farm which fostered her interests in gardening and healthy living. Tanner leverages a degree in environmental science with a passion for environmental sustainability, and spent time as forester. Gorski rounds out the team with the skills he learned from his father, helping him with research and farming as a horticulturist.hygrowponics2

The intersectionality there seemed to be growing and gardening,” Faith says. 

Hygrowponics offers a wide range of products for the indoor to outdoor gardening enthusiast – and the knowledge of experienced owners to back it up.

An essential lesson Faith learned growing up – that soil is the most important part of gardening – means a huge focus on soil and a plethora of varieties.

That translates to indoor and outdoor gardening,” Faith says.

Hygrowponics carries essentials for indoor and outdoor gardens, from pots steaks, and twine, to lights and fans.

Our goal is to help people learn how to grow their own veggies and stay organic and grow year-round,” Faith says. 

The gardening center also carries a wide variety of plant nutrients, and “More than half of our store is organic,” Faith adds. 

The focus on organic is one of the things she says sets Hygrowponics apart from other gardening stores. The team approaches gardening through stable, sustainable methods that especially promote growing fresh, local produce as more than just a summer activity.

hygrowponicsHygrowponics is creating a clean, approachable environment that’s attractive to their target market – homeowners who garden. And there are plenty surrounding the store with its location at the crux of Hilliard, Upper Arlington and Dublin

We spent the last three months completely renovating the space,” Faith says. 

Hygrowponics built all its own shelving, and its checkout counter and furniture, opting to create more of a boutique feel.

We don’t want it to feel like a garage,” Faith says. 

Education is also a huge facet Hygrowponics looks to leverage to differentiate itself. Faith says the team not only wants to sell people good products, but educate customer on how to properly use them.

We’re offering free consultation to any customer,” she says. The store even has couches and an area where customers and experts can comfortably sit down and chat.  

The knowledge that we all bring to the table is really going to set us apart,” Faith adds. “We know what we’re selling.” 

That knowledge will be shared through weekly in-store classes as well, touching on a variety of topics like organic gardening and seeding and cloning.

The first entrepreneurial venture for the trio has been met with nothing but positive reception so far Faith says. It being the first go-round, the trio were up against more than they imagined, but a strong foundation of family and friends have provided an invaluable resource to the budding business owners.

Hygrowponics is open Monday- Friday 9 a.m. -8 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.-7 p.m., and Sunday 10 a.m. – 6 .p.m.

For more information, visit hygrowponicsohio.com.