Improveit! 360’s Software Platform Aims to Increase Sales for Home Remodelers

Anybody who has ever held a sales job knows just how difficult tracking multiple leads can be. Organization is key, and even then it’s all too easy for leads to get lost in the shuffle. Columbus-based improveit! 360 has developed a software as a service (SaaS) platform for home remodelers to never lose a lead again.

“Its core functionality is lead management,” says Chairman & CEO Mark Quinlan. “We help people grow sales.”

Improveit! 360 has tailored their software to a very specific niche market.

“We really target these appointment-based home-service providers,” Quinlan says. “The common theme is it’s a relatively high price point for the work and it’s something that’s done on a one-off basis every 10 or 15 or more years.” That encompasses home remodeling companies such as window installers, bathroom outfitters, closet specialists and the like.

With the SaaS model, improveit! 360 contracts with customer companies who then purchase seat licenses for individual sales team members, or users. Instead of lists of paper and drawers full of post-it notes and business cards, users can add their leads to the system and build campaigns around them.

As Quinlan describes it, improveit! 360 forces closed-loop marketing.

“Our product helps with the four Rs – rehash, recycle, repeat and referrals,” he says. Sales people can keep track of referrals, identify repeat customers, and keep tabs on individuals that have made it to a certain point in the sales cycle.

Say a sales person is in Dublin for the day. The platform can help them identify all the sales within the last six months within a certain radius to visit or follow up with. It’s just one example of the day-to-day implementations of the software.

Outside of leads, the platform also features scheduling, quoting and project management capabilities. Another rollout this summer will increase functionality for another sect of company employees – the installers. Boots on the ground will be able to do things like track appointments and confirm locations.

Improveit! 360 is a platform built for home remodelers, by home remodelers. The platform began about 20 years ago as the in-house system for successful company, Imrpoveit! Home Remodeling. As the reputation for their work grew, so did word of their operating system.

“They were fielding requests for others in this space to license their operating system,” Quinlan says.

In the early 2000s, the software arm was made into its own entity, improveit! 360.

“By 2009, improveit! 360 had some scale and had a significant customer base, but they decided to re-do the software and get it out of the old licensed model to technically a rental model under the SasS construct,” Quinlan says.

They turned to, the development platform of giant to build the service.

As improveit! 360 continues to grow with its SaaS model, they will continue targeting larger companies nationwide (they already have a national presence). It should lead to what Quinlan calls a virtuous cycle. If people use their product the right way, they will grow their businesses. If they grow their businesses, they will hire more employees and require additional seat licenses, which means growth for improveit! 360.

Quinlan says as a company they are targeting aggressive growth, hoping to double their 25-person workforce in the next couple of years.

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