[email protected] Continues to Build Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs in New Albany

After three years, New Albany’s business incubator, [email protected], continues to build a collaborative ecosystem for startups. The space at 8000 Walton Parkway provides offices, conference rooms and other shared areas for its tenants, as well as an invaluable, built-in network.

[email protected] focuses on attracting tech-based businesses with scaleable products, but also houses entrepreneurs that are more service-based.

“They’re people that can contribute to the value of those companies,” says Neil Collins who does business development for the incubator. Collins is one such provider, lending his expertise in branding and marketing through his firm, Results Marketing Group.

Another tenant, Brian Dengler of Dengler Legal offers, “expert solutions for a digital business.” For example, “He can help an entrepreneur by enabling them to quickly write a privacy policy,” Collins says.

[email protected] offers three models for companies that are interested in becoming part of the incubator. First are permanent, private offices. Although none are currently available, office rates run sub-$400 per month. Tenants can also rent cubicle space that allows for a more collaborative environment. Cubicle space is currently available and runs right around $200 per month. Finally, [email protected] offers virtual tenancy for $99 per month. This allows entrepreneurs to use the incubator address to receive mail and present an established presence. All tenants have access to shared conference rooms and training spaces. [email protected] also offers amenities like free wifi and kitchen space, and the ability to install a wired phone for a small additional monthly fee.

The incubator houses about 20 companies right now. The lineup shifts, with the eventual goal of a company expanding so much they will have to move out into bigger office space, hopefully in New Albany. Several clients have already moved to bigger space within the incubator.

More than a space, the incubator provides a network. Entrepreneurs working from home don’t always get a lot of feedback, but, “You’ve got a built-in, great network here,” Collins says. [email protected] plans to implement monthly tenant meetings to further foster networking. Entrepreneurs can explain exactly what they do to others, and offer up needs and problems.

Monthly meetings are just one part of exciting updates for the incubator. A website redesign by in-house tenant, Buckeye Interactive, is in the works. [email protected] will continue to develop its partnership with the community as well.

“The goal is to promote the community of New Albany, make it a better place to live and work,” Collins says. The incubator plans to work more with New Albany schools to be a leader in reinventing education.

For more information, visit innovatenewalbany.org.