Industrious Columbus Opening Private-Office Coworking Space in The Joseph

A unique private-office coworking space is set to open up shop in The Joseph in Short North come mid-August. Occupying the entire fourth floor, Industrious Columbus is the latest in a string of locations of the New York-based company that creates high-end office space with the perfect mix of social and get-down-to-work.

“The reason we founded [Industrious] was actually both my business partner and I were wIndustriousLogoWoodorking in offices and were just incredibly unsatisfied,” says Jamie Hodari, founder & co-CEO of Industrious.

Traditional open floor plan coworking spaces created a social environment that wasn’t professional enough, but executive-style private suites weren’t social enough.

“Our dream was to launch a hybrid of the two,” Hodari says.

Industrious is strategically designed to be as social, fun and communal as a coworking space, but with private, high-end offices for each individual company. The social office complex aims to be a space where both a lawyer and a graphic designer would be comfortable.

Industrious Columbus features 39 offices outfitted for teams of one to five, as well as floating coworking space.

Coworking access starts at $400/month. Eight dedicated one-person offices are available for $700/month. Two-person offices run around $1,200/month with nine available. The largest swath of offices is designed for three-person teams, with 14 dedicated spaces starting at $1,600/month. Three four-person offices are available for approximately $2,000/month, and the five five-person spaces rent at $2,400/month.

Industrious leans towards longer leases, focusing on monthly with the average client tenure in excess of a year. Rent includes 24/7 access and the traditional amenities like printing, conference room space and Wi-Fi (and there’s a back-up). A huge part of Industrious is also bringing in local purveyors to stock coffee and snacks (which is also included in the pricing).

Parking is a hot-button issue in the Short North, and Industrious has reserved 27 spaces in the adjacent Pizzuti Garage that members can rent for $150/month.

“We highly encourage our members to use alternative transportation if they can,” adds Columbus Community Manager Atticus Garden.

Visiting clients won’t be left circling the block either, with free, dedicated visitor spaces.

A glimpse into Industrious Chicago

High-end furnishings, glass walls and custom-made desks and chairs make the physical space, but each Industrious location has a unique personality based on its tenant mix.

“We love having a really wide variety of industry types in there,” Hodari says. “This product, this type of office experience is really broadly appealing.” They hope to attract tenants that want to be social and involved.

He says locations see a mix of about one-third startups and entrepreneurs, one-third regional businesses, and one-third regional offices of a national brand.

“[The setup] makes it easier for national companies, for distributed companies, to test out local markets earlier in their growth than they otherwise would,” Hodari says.

Typically if a national company wanted to start a sales office in a particular city, they would have to sign a long-term lease, but the Industrious model allows them a nice, dedicated space with a lower barrier to entry. And in Columbus, that means test city on top of test city.

An example of office space at Industrious Atlanta

With other locations like Chicago, Atlanta, Brooklyn and St. Louis, Columbus’s reputation earned it its location.

“When we talked to tech companies, fast-growing companies, it was a city that we heard mentioned more often than we would have anticipated,” Hodari says.

The debate between Short North and downtown then began (although a downtown location isn’t out of the realm of possibility if the first location is successful), and the mixed-use density of the neighborhood landed Industrious in The Joseph.

“We were floored by how vibrant, how dense and how sort of activated the Short North was,” Hodari says.

A month before opening, Industrious Columbus has already signed about six businesses and has an active tour schedule. The niche model is garnering lots of local interest.

“I’m excited about this because Columbus is filled with freelancers, startups [and] small businesses, and we’re creating an environment here that’s not just going to help them personally succeed, but their business succeed as well,” Garden says.

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Shared space at the Industrious Atlanta office